New Year and a Resolution?

Robert Day zarin at
Wed Dec 31 22:31:55 PST 2003

Happy new Beer (err, year for those who were / are not drinking)

First of all, apologies if my post is semi incoherent or my spelling
sucks as I have had a few to ring in the new year, so things are a tad

Anyhow, I just read a post from Gerrard on LFS-Devel, and thought I
would mirror his sentiments here. 

Happy now year everyone, I hope you all have a better year then the one
we left behind, and may it be prosperous, and a happy one.  The folks I
toasted dwith this evening made one comment that I think sums it all
up.  To good health, prosperity, good friends, good fortune, and above
all, happines, as without that, nothing else you have is worth a thing.

Hopefully, some of us can include HLFS in our new years resolutions, and
more importantly, hopefully not oo many of us will have to feel guilty
for breaking that resolution..  LOL

Best of the new year to y'all, I'm gonna go find my bedroom and spend a
few quality hours inspecting my eyelids for cracks.

  Rob Day (Drunken-BOFH)

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