Report for latest propolice patch.

ashes cendres at
Wed Dec 31 08:21:03 PST 2003

Partially because IBM has added support for Gentoo's propolice glibc 
functions, I'm adding Gentoo's hardened-gcc script to the propolice hint. 
Should be ready today/tommorrow. I want it to be understood this isn't 
strictly Gentoo technology; the propolice in libc implementation was first 
done by OpenBSD, which was where Gentoo got the idea. The new hcc script from 
gentoo depends on Python, so it really should be rewritten so we don't have 
to install Python and read the Gentoo banner everytime we run `hcc`. It's 
GNU, so as far as I know I can't disable their banner or license 
advertisement. But their not so old scripts work fine without Python. The hcc 
application will allow us to turn on/off propolice and et_dyn with a short 
simple command.

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