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Tue Dec 30 23:23:29 PST 2003

Having thousands of computer system security articles available, this book is 
designed to consolidate main security issues facing both users and 
administrators. Named after, and based on, Linux From Scratch (LFS), Hardened 
Linux From Scratch (HLFS) is a book that provides the reader with a 
foundation of understanding in respect to establishing and enforcing modern 
computer system security policies, which can be used as a base for continued 
study. This book uses a systematic method of building a hardened base Linux 
operating system from source code.

This book describes in detail problems with programming languages, privilege 
access control for software applications and users, cryptography, and what to 
do with this technology. The advantages to reading this book would be in 
having an understanding of security from the lowest level, and being able to 
use all that information in constructing an entire system.

Who wants to read this?
Any *nix computer user who wants greater knowledge, accountability, and
responsibility for their system. This book will help a shell user understand 
why it is more secure to encrypt files before transferring them, opposed to
after transferring them. This book will also help a journalist to harden a 
portable device to the extent they know is secure because they audited it 
themself, to prevent sensitive information from being lost or stolen, and to 
provide assurance. Another use would be for someone who wants to give their 
buddy a shell for eggdrop, but does not want that eggdrop to have access to 
the whole system, because eggdrops can accept wildly insecure scripts, and 
run with the shell users privileges, if they are compromised it can aid an 
attacker to superuser access, or local denial of service.

Who does not want to read this?
Anyone who has no interest or time to learn about about how software works. Or 
anyone who prefers to put complete faith in someone else to learn what is in 
this book. This book may cause headaches. If this is not for you we can 
suggest this or that.

I hate proper introductions :) People only read this stuff once or never at 
all. But I guess books have to have them.

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