Software Packaging (was Re: Scope?)

Archaic archaic at
Tue Dec 30 09:56:23 PST 2003

On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 12:47:20PM -0500, Bennett Todd wrote:
> Building systems LFS-style, tar xzf / ./configure / make / make
> install, is wonderfully educational, and the detail documentation
> LFS maintains on precisely how to work out a dependancy-satisfied
> toolchain is priceless for distro developers. But for various jobs,
> including automated building of vast numbers of machines, automated
> upgrading from release to release, and (here's HLFS's hook)
> automated patch deployment, a strong software packaging tool is
> really important.

Just as LFS is not creating a distro, we aren't creating deployment
strategies. Hopefully, anyone given the responsibility to maintain more
than a few computers can figure out how to build and deploy things
himself without losing the benefits of personalization of his software.
RPM is a fine tool, but to many, the trade-offs aren't worth it.


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