ashes cendres at
Tue Dec 30 07:56:41 PST 2003

More to chew on...

Having thousands of computer system security articles available to read on the 
web, this book is designed to consolidate some of the most important 
information on several of the common security issues facing/concerning/
plaguing both users and administrators. Named after, and based on, Linux From 
Scratch, HLFS is a book that provides the reader with a foundation of 
understanding in respect to security, that can be used as a base for further 
study and design. Part of the process in teaching this will be to build a 
hardened system step-by-step.

This book describes in detail problems with programming languages, privilege 
access control for software applications and users, cryptography, and what to 
do with this technology. The advantages to reading this book would be in 
having an understanding of security from the lowest level, and being able to 
use all that information in constructing an entire system.

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