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Tue Dec 30 07:50:26 PST 2003

Congrats on the mailinglist and thus the "official" formation of HLFS! 
As you may have noticed, I've quickly threw together a news blurb on You may want 
to extend it; send suggestions to me or the website list.

Here's the announcement:

Over the past few weeks, a discussion about a security-oriented LFS book 
has dominated the lfs-security list. Some clear ideas about the form and 
content of this initiative are crystalizing, and it was decided to give 
the initiators of this project a decent platform to work on. So far, a 
mailinglist (hlfs-dev) has been created for Hardened Linux From Scratch, 
as it was dubbed.

HLFS will become a book that provides the reader with a fundamental 
understanding of security that can be used as a base for futher 
research. Part of the process in teaching this will be to build a 
hardened system step-by-step.

The discussions about HLFS need to be transformed into a roadmap and a 
manifesto. Everyone who's interested in security is welcome to join the 

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