Hardened Secure Linux From Scratch book chapter proposals

Archaic archaic at indy.rr.com
Tue Dec 30 07:19:09 PST 2003

On Tue, Dec 30, 2003 at 10:13:21AM -0500, Bill's LFS Login wrote:
> "reduce the noise level" carries some implications that I'm not sure you
> intend. Maybe one of the suggested phrasings along the lines of
> "consolidates some of the most important..." would be better?
> "facing admins" implies and intended audience that is not what I'm
> reading into the posts I've seen. Maybe "facing all users and
> administrators"?
> s/foundational/foundation of/  # Less "pompous", easier for non-English

I concur with the above three suggestions. Will make changes and wait
for more feedback.

> > I think we should stay away from saying its not for everyone unless we
> > specifically state why a particular person wouldn't need it. Instead, we
> > should focus on why someone would want to read it.
> Yes, but there will be some potential readers that should *not* be using
> the book. E.g. ones with insufficient basics (no bash, "what's a CPU?",
> etc.) or they live in an environment where the security is dictated by
> corporate policy (already behind a firewall with proxies, local policy
> restricts them from modifying their system in certain ways the reduce
> "auditability" - big brother wants to watch -, etc.).

Bill you ust stated exactly what I said. Note the "unless we state why a
particular person wouldn't need it". I will incorporate the whynots into
the text.

BTW, CC'd hlfs-dev. Everyone please follow up there. :)


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