[blfs-support] The dreaded "Cannot open Xorg.o.log"

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Sat Nov 30 09:22:01 PST 2013

For the first time in my LFS life I got this message.  Just so people 
can roll their eyes, but also to provide info, I use the Package Users 
system.  This error, I thought, came from faulty permissions, <ls -alQ> 

> -rwsr-sr-x  1 10118 10118 12630128 Nov 29 15:27 "Xorg"

Where user and group 10118 are "xorg-server."

I get a number of other messages when I use <startx>, but this one is 
the first message and it's the only "Fatal server error" message.  Since 
I have no log, I don't know where to begin to troubleshoot.  The only 
other obvious thing is something about which I've never thought before.  
There is a link "/usr/bin/X -->/usr/bin/Xorg" that is not suid.  The 
link is executable by all and I've never thought about the need to make 
a link suid.

Anyway, I just need some suggestions on where to look for the problem.  
I installed everything in Ch. 24 of BLFS-SVN and non-root.  I've never 
encountered this situation before and am stumped.  My only goal right 
now is to get the server up and running even if nothing else works.


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