[blfs-support] New dovecot page: '--with-...' specs.

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Thu Nov 14 03:40:42 PST 2013


On the new dovecot page (
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/server/dovecot.html), the section 
'Command Explanations' lists the five options '--with-ldap' et seq: yet none of 
them actually appear in the commands. I've noticed a similar thing in several 
places in blfs74 book.

Apols if have missed an earlier discussion on that, but: is this an error in 
rendering; or is it kindof that those '--with-ldap' &c options are really meant 
as a sort-of subsection concerning other main parameters that the user might 
want to consider? But in any case, them appearing as-is just looks like it's an 
error (e.g. "has a chunk of text been lopped off the 'configure ...' commmand?"), 
and one repeated elsewhere in the book.

In a related vein, given that four of the above-noted five options are stated 
to be re auth, could I also recommend noting that (at least) the following auth 
methods are enabled by default:
  --with-shadow           Build with shadow password support (auto)
  --with-pam              Build with PAM support (auto)
  --with-bsdauth          Build with BSD authentication support (auto)
  --with-vpopmail         Build with vpopmail support (auto)
I think it's worth stating that explicitly so that folks can see at-a-glance 
that dovecot does handle those ( - don't hide its light under a bushel). One of 
the central considerations, of course, in choosing a pop/imap server is in what 
authentication methods can it handle, and how it would in this respect integrate 
with other parts of infrastructure. Sure, folks considering using it seriously, 
would do their due diligence anyhow and not just make a decision based on a 
single 3rd-party page (in this case, the blfs page): but still, it doesn't hurt 
to state it up-front by noting the default methods additional to said list.  

(It was a pleasant surprise to see dovecot finally added. It has worked well in 
production here, and servers rolled out from here, for years now - back to the 
1.early-x series.)



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