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On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 6:35 PM, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:13:30PM +0100, Pol Vangheluwe wrote:
> > I use an Apple PowerPC 7500 as print server on my local network (IPP).
>  It runs LFS-6.8 (I know - a bit old…) with CUPS-1.4.5.
> > I could print without any problem from my iMac under OSX 10.8 (Mountain
> Lion) but this is not the case anymore since I upgraded the iMac to OSX
> 10.9 (Mavericks).
> > There are no error messages, not on the client nor on the server.  The
> server reports the job as “finished”, but the number of pages is always
> “unknown”.  The printer itself (an Epson Stylus Color 740 with USB
> connection) does not move at all.
> > I have another iMac, running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) that still can print
> without any problem, so I think that my LFS system is still OK.
> > Mavericks has CUPS-1.7.0 on-board.  Is it possible that there is an
> incompatibility between a CUPS-1.4.5 server and a CUPS-1.7.0 client?
> > And if so, is it possible to upgrade the CUPS system on my LFS-6.8
> system?
> >
> > pvg
> >
>  I didn't realise that osx on ppc was still upgradeable!

It's not. 10.6 and up has been Intel only.  I think the OP is talking about
two computers - an old (system 7 era) PPC that is running Linux instead of
Mac OS (a great idea - I've got a similar vintage PowerMac that I can't
bear to part with but is pretty much useless to me as a Mac)... and a more
recent Intel iMac.

>  I've been
> saving my ppc64 osx install in case I ever find the missing part of
> my slide scanner.  Anyway -
> https://discussions.apple.com/message/23597377#23597377
> and various similar threads.  I've no idea what is different, and
> anyway apple care nothing about things outside their walled garden,
> but perhaps upgrading to the current cups might help.
>  Obviously, back up ALL of /etc/cups, the cups user programs [ cancel,
> cups*, lp*, pp* ], the cups /usr/sbin programs [ accept, cups*, lp*,
> reject ], /usr/lib/cups, /usr/lib/libcups*, /usr/share/cups,
> /usr/share/cups together with the programs from ghostscript if
> installed [ dumphint, dvi2pdf, eps2eps, font2c, gs*, lprsetup.sh,
> pdf*, pdf*, pf*, pp*, printafm, ps*, unix-lpr.sh, wftopfa ],
> /usr/share/ghostscript-v.wx  and if you use gutenprint, everything
> from that.
>  I've only ever used cups for printing from the same machine (I plug
> the printer in to whichever desktop box I'm using).  And I haven't
> needed to upgrade my printing stack recently, but my upgrade script
> deletes - /etc/cups, /usr/lib/cups, /usr/lib/libcups*,
> /usr/lib/gutenprint*, /usr/share/cups, /usr/share/gutenprint,
> /var/spool/cups.  I only use gutenprint, other printers might be a
> bit different, but you're using an Epson Stylus so I guess you too
> are using gutenprint.  A little of gs (at least, with the old cups
> versions) and gutenprint get installed into the cups directories.
>  I did once try not ripping everything out for a partial upgrade, but
> I ended up with a broken mix of versions.
>  I then rebuild the print stack - cups, [ for LFS-7.0+ I would
> update the cups bootscript for any potential improvements in newer
> versions, but you need to stick with the old bootscript - best to
> back that up too, just in case ], ghostscript (actually, current
> cups with gutenprint no longer needs gs but definitely reinstall if
> you use it), qpdf, cups-filters, gutenprint.  I see that I also
> reinstall ImageMagick, probably that links to the shared gs lib if
> both are installed.
>  I did build whatever versions were current for LFS-7.4 on ppc
> userspace [ G5 but using linux32 ] without any issues, but using an
> *old* toolchain might be different. I had a problem on x86_64
> LFS-7.0 (gcc-4.6.1) when I built firefox-25, but at least the error
> message suggested the workaround - in that case, add -fpermissive to
> the CFLAGS.  Usually, it is newer toolchains that give the grief.
>  But first - one of the other threads (about a similar problem using
> a NAS box running a binary old version of cups) had some success
> reports for an upgrade - looks like something was changed, but it was
> apparently still some sort of 1.4 version, so maybe just a config
> switch was involved, or a patch.  But one reporter said he had to
> add the printer again in osx.  And that is where things get murky -
> http://wiki.phys.ethz.ch/readme/printing_with_lpr_macos_x says that
> apple have changed how printers are added, and that you will need to
> use the LPD protocol [ see the note at the bottom of that page - up
> to 10.7 you could use cups ].  OTOH, a different site talks about
> using cups with 10.7/8/9.
>  I _think_ I would try installing current cups and its post-install
> deps [ it's a bit different since 1.6 ].  But that's only because no
> useful information about how they broke things seems to be out there.
>  Good luck, I hope you manage to fix it (and don't break the other
> osx machine's printing in the process).
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