[blfs-support] CUPS and Mavericks

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 10 18:35:36 PST 2013

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:13:30PM +0100, Pol Vangheluwe wrote:
> I use an Apple PowerPC 7500 as print server on my local network (IPP).  It runs LFS-6.8 (I know - a bit old…) with CUPS-1.4.5.
> I could print without any problem from my iMac under OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) but this is not the case anymore since I upgraded the iMac to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks).
> There are no error messages, not on the client nor on the server.  The server reports the job as “finished”, but the number of pages is always “unknown”.  The printer itself (an Epson Stylus Color 740 with USB connection) does not move at all.
> I have another iMac, running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) that still can print without any problem, so I think that my LFS system is still OK.
> Mavericks has CUPS-1.7.0 on-board.  Is it possible that there is an incompatibility between a CUPS-1.4.5 server and a CUPS-1.7.0 client?
> And if so, is it possible to upgrade the CUPS system on my LFS-6.8 system?
> pvg

 I didn't realise that osx on ppc was still upgradeable!  I've been
saving my ppc64 osx install in case I ever find the missing part of
my slide scanner.  Anyway -

and various similar threads.  I've no idea what is different, and
anyway apple care nothing about things outside their walled garden,
but perhaps upgrading to the current cups might help.

 Obviously, back up ALL of /etc/cups, the cups user programs [ cancel,
cups*, lp*, pp* ], the cups /usr/sbin programs [ accept, cups*, lp*,
reject ], /usr/lib/cups, /usr/lib/libcups*, /usr/share/cups,
/usr/share/cups together with the programs from ghostscript if
installed [ dumphint, dvi2pdf, eps2eps, font2c, gs*, lprsetup.sh,
pdf*, pdf*, pf*, pp*, printafm, ps*, unix-lpr.sh, wftopfa ],
/usr/share/ghostscript-v.wx  and if you use gutenprint, everything
from that.

 I've only ever used cups for printing from the same machine (I plug
the printer in to whichever desktop box I'm using).  And I haven't
needed to upgrade my printing stack recently, but my upgrade script
deletes - /etc/cups, /usr/lib/cups, /usr/lib/libcups*,
/usr/lib/gutenprint*, /usr/share/cups, /usr/share/gutenprint,
/var/spool/cups.  I only use gutenprint, other printers might be a
bit different, but you're using an Epson Stylus so I guess you too
are using gutenprint.  A little of gs (at least, with the old cups
versions) and gutenprint get installed into the cups directories.

 I did once try not ripping everything out for a partial upgrade, but
I ended up with a broken mix of versions.

 I then rebuild the print stack - cups, [ for LFS-7.0+ I would
update the cups bootscript for any potential improvements in newer
versions, but you need to stick with the old bootscript - best to
back that up too, just in case ], ghostscript (actually, current
cups with gutenprint no longer needs gs but definitely reinstall if
you use it), qpdf, cups-filters, gutenprint.  I see that I also
reinstall ImageMagick, probably that links to the shared gs lib if
both are installed.

 I did build whatever versions were current for LFS-7.4 on ppc
userspace [ G5 but using linux32 ] without any issues, but using an
*old* toolchain might be different. I had a problem on x86_64
LFS-7.0 (gcc-4.6.1) when I built firefox-25, but at least the error
message suggested the workaround - in that case, add -fpermissive to
the CFLAGS.  Usually, it is newer toolchains that give the grief.

 But first - one of the other threads (about a similar problem using
a NAS box running a binary old version of cups) had some success
reports for an upgrade - looks like something was changed, but it was
apparently still some sort of 1.4 version, so maybe just a config
switch was involved, or a patch.  But one reporter said he had to
add the printer again in osx.  And that is where things get murky -
http://wiki.phys.ethz.ch/readme/printing_with_lpr_macos_x says that
apple have changed how printers are added, and that you will need to
use the LPD protocol [ see the note at the bottom of that page - up
to 10.7 you could use cups ].  OTOH, a different site talks about
using cups with 10.7/8/9.

 I _think_ I would try installing current cups and its post-install
deps [ it's a bit different since 1.6 ].  But that's only because no
useful information about how they broke things seems to be out there.

 Good luck, I hope you manage to fix it (and don't break the other
osx machine's printing in the process).

das eine Mal als Tragödie, dieses Mal als Farce

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