[blfs-support] CUPS and Mavericks

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 10 17:41:43 PST 2013

Em 10-11-2013 22:24, Fernando de Oliveira escreveu:
> Em 10-11-2013 19:13, Pol Vangheluwe escreveu:
>> I use an Apple PowerPC 7500 as print server on my local network (IPP).
>>  It runs LFS-6.8 (I know - a bit old…) with CUPS-1.4.5.
>> I could print without any problem from my iMac under OSX 10.8 (Mountain
>> Lion) but this is not the case anymore since I upgraded the iMac to OSX
>> 10.9 (Mavericks).
>> There are no error messages, not on the client nor on the server.  The
>> server reports the job as “finished”, but the number of pages is always
>> “unknown”.  The printer itself (an Epson Stylus Color 740 with USB
>> connection) does not move at all.
>> I have another iMac, running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) that still can print
>> without any problem, so I think that my LFS system is still OK.
>> Mavericks has CUPS-1.7.0 on-board.  Is it possible that there is an
>> incompatibility between a CUPS-1.4.5 server and a CUPS-1.7.0 client?
>> And if so, is it possible to upgrade the CUPS system on my LFS-6.8 system?
> Until today, I had a problem with cups-1.6.3 and was using 1.6.1. After
> your post, decided to test 1.7.0 and it works. So, Thanks for your post.
> My server is Lubuntu 12.04 LTS. My client, BLFS-7.4.
> http://osdir.com/ml/blfs-dev/2013-09/msg00122.html
> I have
> LUbuntuHP:~$ dpkg -l cups
> ...
> ||/ Nome           Versão        Descrição
> +++-==============-==============-============================================
> ii  cups           1.5.3-0ubuntu8 Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server
> So, I suggest you try 1.5.3 in LFS-6.8.
> I also changed a switch (was using --disable-gnutls --enable-openssl)
> and have now avahi installed.

Wrong again, sorry. Restart cupsd in the client, and no printing again.
Back to cups-1.6.1.

Please, ignore my previous post.


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