[blfs-support] Microscopic Text in X

Eric Plummer anadox402 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 10:24:48 PDT 2013

Walter Webb <ngogn at earthlink.net> wrote:
{Dave Palmer wrote:
{> 1600mm x 900mm
{If this is a 1.6 meter wide display, you can lie to X about the
{dots-per-inch.  If not, tell X the truth.
{If you use startx, try something like 'startx -- -dpi 96'.
{I put an nvidia board in my box because I was having too much
{trouble with my radeon.  I don't know where the previous size of
{96 dpi came from, but the nvidia driver said something like 88 or 89.
{I measured it; and it was correct.  I wondered what would happen if
{someone used a huge TV for a monitor.
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'startx -- -dpi 96'
worked, Thank you.
Any ideas on how to set this as default?
For now I have a bash alias. 
I will tinker some more this evening.
FYI tv screen as monitor and FlightGear or Rigs of Rods == SWEET.

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