[blfs-support] Software version

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Thu Nov 29 15:45:48 PST 2012

--- Em qui, 29/11/12, Ken Moffat escreveu:

> De: Ken Moffat
> Assunto: Re: [blfs-support] Software version
> Para: "BLFS Support List"
> Data: Quinta-feira, 29 de Novembro de 2012, 19:03

>  Some things I could revert to older gtk+-2 versions, e.g.
> gvolwheel,
> and I plan to replace gcalctool and evince with the mate
> versions
> without worrying.

Ken, I have used gcalctool. Many times wanted to ask you:

Have you ever tried "Qalculate!"? 


It can be used as very basic calculator with its own keypad, or with a
click, you have a history that you can copy any part of. I stop my use
normally here.

But it can be used in more complex ways, as scientific calculator,
converting units, with different basis (binary, decimal, hexa, ...,
currencies, variables, functions, RPN, many other possibilities.


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