[blfs-support] qemu + vinagre

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 14:31:56 PST 2012

Tobias Gasser wrote:
> Am 28.11.2012 18:35, schrieb Bruce Dubbs:
>> I can't help with vinagre as I have never used it, but would like to
>> offer an alternative.  You should be able to ssh into the gemu session
>> and run a xorg based app over the ssh link.  That's how I normally
>> access remote systems.  A virtual system should work the same.
> yes. works fine - as soon as i know the ip address.
> and i too use ssh to connect to remote systems.
>> To me, the advantage of a vnc connection is where two or more users
>> access the same screen and can communicate via phone/skype conference.
>> However, for a single user, it seems to me that a vnc setup is unneeded
>> overhead.
> i agree. but:
> i want to play with different distributions, most use dynamic ip.

I don't experiment a lot with different distros any more, but setting a 
static ip should not be hard.  Even if dhcp is used, then the ip address 
shouldn't change unless there is a reboot.

> as i want to set up a headless i7 with a fat harddisk in the cellar, vnc
> would make life much easier!
> with ssh i have 2 points:
> 1) i have to know the qemu-image ip
> 2) the ssh-server must be started which is not default with quite a lot
> of life-distros.

I would think a simple apt-get or rpm command would get sshd running. 
And you can always install from source.  My logs show that it took about 
15 minutes for openssl+openssh (on a slow system).

> with vnc i just have to connect to the server-ip with the 590x port,
> where the x is known by qemu '-vnc :x'. with ssh i have to look at what
> ip my dhcp-server assigns to the qemu-session. not realy a problem, i
> can ssh to it...
> vnc just needs 2 more packages: gtk-vnc + vinagre
> thus disk-overhead is minimal, protocol-overhead i can ignore as i have
> 1gb network inhouse.

It's not an issued of overhead or disk space, just the complexity of 

I just was making a suggestion though.  If you are more comfortable with 
vnc, then that's what you should use.

   -- Bruce

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