[blfs-support] qemu + vinagre

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Wed Nov 28 06:09:20 PST 2012

i have a problem with vinagre.

the base system is lfs develop + blfs. current last friday.

as i don't have any other vnc hosts around, i can't check wether the 
problem i only with qemu.

qemu with '-display sdl -vga std -vnc :1' shows the host in a window. 
connecting with vinagre shows just the top view lines.

as i have 2 windows with the same content (one the qemu vga-output, one 
the vinagre vnc connection) i can see the vnc connection is established. 
moving the mouse i can see the movements in both windows - as long as i 
stay in the topmost 10%. below i don't see anything but a black 
background in the vinagre window.

i checked the options in gtk-vnc and vinagre, but could not find 
anything helpful.

as i would like to have several headless qemu session started with 
'-display none -vnc :X' and being able to connect thru vnc/vinagre i 
really have a problem.

as i use xfce i stick with gtk2. gtk-vnc is 0.5.1 and vinagre 2.31.4 
(2.31.5 requires gtk3). qemu-kvm is 1.1.2.

i don't know wether older versions run fine, as this is my first attempt 
to use qemu/vinagre on lfs.

a screenshot is available at:

in the foreground you can see the vinagre/vlc screeen. the mouse is over 
the calendar, and i just clicked it. no change in the screen. (really 
NOTHING is updated at all - you can see the time is 20:14, thats when i 
started vinagre. in the background you can see the qemu window. as 
expected, the calender is openend. (as for the time: meanwhile i've 
written this text, made the screenshot and qemu is current with the time)

even 'view', 'refresh screen' in vinagre does not update anyhing.

how much data is transferd to the vinagre screen is not constant. in the 
screenshot i get three times the statusbar. sometimes i can get as much 
as 1/4 of the whole display, sometimes i just get half the statusbar.

no logfile shows anything. really nothing for the last 15 minutes 
(except some iptables stuff).

thanks for any help


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