[blfs-support] On how to build LibreOffice and save space (Was: A startup quesion)

Tobias Gasser lfs at ebp-gasser.ch
Sat Nov 24 08:48:33 PST 2012

Am 24.11.2012 16:12, schrieb Fernando de Oliveira:
> One doubt, though. In my case, would it be worth building the other
> packages separately just for LO use, or better to let it build them
> (worth in user/machine size and/or time spent)?

i decided to build the packages standalone for several reasons:

- some packages are a little outdated and lo works fine with the current 
version i use.

- most packages are already in the book or cmi

- as far as i can see, lo does not install the header-files for these 
packages. if another package uses one of those libraries, i have 
duplicates. one in the lo install-tree and on in the standard /usr/lib 
(or wherever you install the standalone version).

- i like to be up to date with lo (security, new features, better 
compatibility). rebuilding a new version is faster and does not require 
to update the standalone libs as they are usualy already current.

- updating one of the libraries usualy works without rebuilding lo

but as usual: 'your distro, your rules'


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