[blfs-support] All workspaces, on top and no decorations: XEyes and Conky

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat Nov 24 06:45:50 PST 2012

I would like to know if possible and how to do it.

Conky: all workspaces
XEyes: all workspaces, on top, no decorations

I have been trying for some time, the solutions that I found require
extra software.

On Out 29 2012 I installed wmctrl-1.07

I have also tried Devil's Pie in Lubuntu.

At the moment, I can create n instances of xeyes (n=0,1,2,3; could do
with conky):

    for i in 0; do
        wmctrl -s ${i} &&
        xeyes  -geometry +1575+1 & sleep 1 &&
        wmctrl -v -r "xeyes" -b add,above,sticky

[6] 31430
envir_utf8: 1
Invalid type of _NET_WM_NAME property.
Invalid type of WM_NAME property.
Invalid type of _NET_WM_NAME property.
Using window: 0x0180000a

However, if "sticky" worked (-t -1 in wmctrl) this for loop and waste of
time would not be necessary.

    wmctrl -r xeyes -b add,sticky,above

does as promissed to "above", but not "sticky".

A comment in wmctrl man page: "Some examples of EWMH/NetWM compatible
window managers include recent versions of Enlightenment, Icewm, Kwin,
Sawfish and Xfce"

I am using LXDE/OpenBox.

$ wmctrl -m
Name: Openbox
Window manager's "showing the desktop" mode: OFF

Today, I found a patch for wmctrl that introduces a -B switch which
removes decorations [1], but did it just for the xeyes window in desktop
3 (fourth) and moved it out of position, when added to the commands

Please, I would thank very much for any help.


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