[blfs-support] Fatal error in trying to build Kactivities-4.9.1

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 10:34:11 PST 2012

brown wrap wrote:
> I am nearing the end of building KDE. I was trying to build
> Kactivities-4.9.1 and encountered a fatal errors. Does anyone have a
> clue to what this problem is?
> [ 91%] Building CXX object
> service/ui/plugins/declarativeui/CMakeFiles/activitymanager_uihandler_declarative.dir/kdeclarativeview.o
fatal error: QGLWidget: No such file or directory

It looks like a needed part of Qt is not installed.  It is in libQtOpenGL.

   -- Bruce

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