[blfs-support] Problems installing libdrm and mesa in /usr

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sat Nov 17 10:37:20 PST 2012

On 11/17/2012 01:26 PM, Ragnar Thomsen wrote:
> Those options are no longer available for mesa-9.0.1. I managed to fix the
> error though, by editing a makefile adding -I/usr/X11/include.
> After this I ran into a different error when running make install, where the
> linker couldn't find three libraries: X11, Xext and Xfixes.
> I fixed this error by adding -L/usr/X11/lib to a relevant makefile.
> After this I got mesa built and installed. But compositing was not working,
> which I tracked down to the xorg-server not finding the dri drivers which are
> now in /usr/lib/dri. By re-installing the xorg-server, it detects the right
> location and compositing works.
> So it seems (at least on my system) that mesa-9.0.1 doesn't build when
> installing in /usr and when X is installed in /usr/X11. Did any of you get
> mesa 9 to build properly using the current instructions (when X is installed
> in /usr/X11)?If not, the instructions for mesa need to be modified.
> -Ragnar-
Did you do all the setup steps that BLFS says to do when not installing 
X in /usr? It mentions an "xorg.sh" which should add the appropriate 
paths to PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH.

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