[blfs-support] Kernel panics when I move drive to another machine

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 16:04:59 PST 2012

Thank you all for your prompt responses.

Both grub and fstab _must_ be good.  Because
 grub (0.97):  it allows me to reach cleanly the VFS point
 fstab:  same partition configuration (as confirmed by 'fdisk -l'

I was browsing through 3.6.6 menuconfig (might as well) on my old
machine (3.6.1)
I'll take a closer look at controllers (to be enabled - solid;  I
remember during
the first problem I mentioned, a critical disk controller was "module"; part
of the whole unsightly mess at that traumatic moment).

 That goes for
 as well.

I'm just getting ready to roll up my sleeves on it (in a way I apologize for
picking youse guys' brains - I was just hoping for a quick "Aha";  lazy).
Picking Knoppix' brains was my first initial reaction:
lsmod, fdisk, etc.
As you noticed, one "problem" with Knoppix is a lot of kernel settings
are built-in
and its config file is not easily available (at least for me on the CD
- as opposed
to the DVD?).  The doctor obviously throws any potential driver into
the kitchen sink
and then the whole sink at the kernel.

My plan is along the lines of your suggestions:
I have a pretty good idea about the hardware (it's an ASUS board, P8H77-I,
recommended) and any kinks, if I ever get past the dreaded panic point, I'm
optimistic about facing them.

Again, thank you one and all,
-- Alex

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