[blfs-support] Kernel panics when I move drive to another machine

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 15 14:38:10 PST 2012

On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 03:42:03PM -0500, alex lupu wrote:
> 5.  Consequently, if a generous soul can just offer a similar hint,
> in this instance, I'll be much appreciative:
>  "Hey dummy!  Don't you know that when you move to Ivy Bridge
>  and H77, you have to change/add in 'xxxxxx' (kernel configuration?)
>  this and that for your system to boot up at all!!!"
> Then I hope to be able to do my own heavy lifting from there on.
> Thank you,
> -- Alex
 I very much doubt that _this_ problem is directly related to the
Ivy Bridge.  I would prefer to categorise it as "I got a new
motherboard - some things don't work with my old kernel".

 Using your knoppix CD (or any other LiveCD), run lsmod to see what
modules are loaded.  Make a note of all of them, and then google
them and look in the menuconfig help when building a kernel.

 I'm guessing that one (or more) of your disk-control chips have
changed [ on my i3 two of the SATA connectors use a very different
controller from the others - fortunately, I'd only connected the CD
to that, and I'd built a "generic" kernel with everything I *guessed*
might be needed, so it still booted but the CD didn't show up ].  You
might, once it boots, get a similar problem with the network adaptor.

 Probably, any hardware module which gets loaded by a Live CD should
be built-in to your kernel, certainly that is true for the disk
controller drivers (because we don't use initrds).  For network cards,
modules are usually adequate - I tend to just make every likely
network driver as a module, in the hope that something will stick on a
new machine :)

 Once it works, you can fine-tune it, check that all of userspace is
working (e.g. sound, xorg), and rebuild it until you are happy.  For
the avoidance of my own doubt, once a machine mostly works I tend to
leave non-critical kernel .config changes until I'm applying a new
kernel patch.

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