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lux-integ lux-integ at btconnect.com
Thu Nov 15 09:57:19 PST 2012

On Thursday 15 November 2012 16:50:50 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> LM wrote:
> > Interesting to hear others opinions on this.  I personally felt both
> > cmake and qt do too much to hard-code where they expect locations of
> > files (such as libaries) should be.  If you're coming from an
> > enviroment where you value portable apps (such as programs just
> > running from your flash drive), hard-coding file locations isn't a
> > very desirable thing.  While most KDE/qt programs do seem to use
> > cmake, I'm running across quite a few qt apps that just use qmake.
> > (Not sure that's all that much better of an option, since you still
> > have hard-coded paths.) I've even run across a few that use gnu
> > autotools.
> I worked on a (set of) program(s) for about three years based on qt3 and
> later qt4.  qmake was used.  There were two modes: generate the .pro
> file and generate the Makefile.  Generating the .pro file is only
> marginally useful at the first build of a system/platfrom combination.
> After that, manual editing of the .pro files was needed.
> In our case, we needed to use the same code to port to Win, Mac, and
> Linux, but the development system was, of course, Linux.  Using qmake to
> generate Makefiles was quite easy and useful.  There are custom settings
> that are needed to allow the Makefile to find the Qt includes and
> libraries.  That was fairly easy to manage with a .pri (profile incldue)
> file.  It was a bit more than CMMI though.
> In that case, moving to cmake would not have made sense.  Trying to use
> autotools would have been much more difficult.
Three open-source qt-based-projects  that might benefit from porting to cmake 
qtiplot {qmake}, librecad (formerly qt3-based-qcad){qmake} and MythTV 
{autotools}.  There are not in the blfs stable but perhaps they should be.

MythTV I built a while ago though  I have not yet tried the latest version.  
The ones I tried ignored   all the installed dependencies and thus   configure 

At least with cmake one can  use bruteforce to  use installed libraries etc 
And if say a  particular version of a program  bundled with the sources is 
preferred   this becomes obvious fairly quickly.

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