[blfs-support] Latest news in GNOME world

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Tue Nov 13 15:32:03 PST 2012

On 11/13/2012 05:23 PM, Armin K. wrote:
> Dana 13.11.2012 23:09, lux-integ je napisao:
>> On Saturday 10 November 2012 00:09:02 Ken Moffat wrote:
>>>    I loathe cmake [ reinventing the bumpy wheel of configure, but with
>>> edges instead of the fairly smooth curves, in my biased opinion ] so
>>> I've long since given up on kde.
>> what a shame .
>> cmake is the future.
>> It works will with c/c++, fortran less so ada) and even   java  is
>> underdevelopment  (to replace ant !)
>> (I can envisage a revamped Apache openoffice, postgresql,  openjdk   etc -all
>> migrating soon to cmake )
>>    cmake  is a bit tedius to translate some things from autoconf  (the configH
>> porting can be  tedious)   ut  once done, tewaking and maintence is easy.  It
>> gives   better control on libraries, executables and linking.   For instance I
>> had problems linking with atlas9 libraries (fortran)  that chocked autconf
>> but  was doable with cmake.    Thanfuly atlas10  has overcome these.
>> Also QT- ( I consider a crown-jewel-of-the-gpl)-based  software  increasingly
>> is dropping qmake  in favour of cmake.
>> perhaps you should give cmake another whirl
>> cheers
>> luxInteg
> One giant + that I give cmake over autotools is that cmake does not!
> need to produce or use the (very anoying) .la files.

I delete the *.la files from all my packages,  well the package manager 
than I am using dose so automatically.
So far I have not had any issues with LFS or BLFS, I am building xorg,.  
I have ran it (works well using tvm ) but I am cleaning it up as I 
didn't like how I packaged it on the first pass.

I intend to build Xfce and KDE4 so I have a little ways to go.  I will 
most likely end up using Xfce with some of KDE4 apps, that is if KDE4 is 
sluggish with LFS/BLFS, under fedora 17 it's a turd on a quad core AMD 
with 8G of ram, you can take a nap on booting. :-(   I fact I did fall 
asleep waiting for it to boot. I boot it and then go to the kitchen for 
a snack, if I take long enough it will be ready when I get back.  This 
same system flies with Win 7.

This LFS/BLFS project is my last attempt with linux... If it doesn't pan 
out then I _WILL_ move to PC-BSD.

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