[blfs-support] Systemd's journal (was Re: Latest news in GNOME world)

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Tue Nov 13 06:27:50 PST 2012

On 11/13/2012 01:21 PM, Baho Utot wrote:
> Why not just sysklogd, syslog-ng or rsyslog do there job?
> What about logrotate?

 From my point of view, systemd tends to integrate all low level 
components like kernel device manager, system logging mechanisms, 
service handling, module loading, kernel configuration.

You are free to use whatever you like. I personally use rsyslog and 
journald together so that I get classic log files in /var/log.

As for logrotate, journald tends to rotate its files as far as I've seen.

> My gripe with systemd is I already have proven tools that do what systemd does,
> why should I have to abandon them to use systemd?
> Why does one have to learn a completely new system that does what the older system already does?

Well, at one point you had to learn the current init system. Were you 
born with that knowledge?

init system = all stuff about current init system including bash 
scripting, service manipulation, etc.

> There are tried and true and work very well for me.
> Also I don't want to take a collage course to learn how to use and admin systemd.
> I already know how to admin my systems and learning systemd is of no benefit.


> As it is said here my distro my rules, not what lenart seems to think I need to do.

Lennart just sees things from different perspective. I don't agree with 
everything, but I tend to agree with at least something. You are not 
alone out there. Distros want to support lot of systems with lot of 
different setups and systemd seems to help them accomplish part of that.

The one thing that I completely agree with him is "Don't hold back 
programs that can benefit a lot from Linux just to keep it 'portable'."

Some people tend to understand that if you write software that can only 
run on one platform that you make other systems less important. You have 
the freedom, port it yourself if you like. It is my (or someone else) 
freedom to write software for whatever I want.

That beats gazilion of bash scripts out there that were used for 
something that could be accomplished with fewer lines of C code (yeah, I 
know - hard to debbug in some cases) with speed benefit (and somewhere 
speed benefit is just what is needed - there are environments where 
every second matters).

> This quest that the linux community is on is just crazy, look at all the cruft that has been added to the kernel.
> Why the kitchen sink as well as the bathroom sink is it there.

In a world with 7 bilion people where lot of people/companies/systems 
have different needs it is really hard to keep it that minimal.

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