[blfs-support] Libre office

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 11 03:56:27 PST 2012

Em 11-11-2012 00:05, James Pinto escreveu:

> Hi
> Im using the book Beyond Linux^® From Scratch - Version 2012-07-10

[Armin, there is an old small typo in the "Warning":

s/when untaring as root:/when untaring as root/]

Should I/you create a ticket to remember when upgrading to the next

Please, use latest Beyond Linux® From Scratch - Version 2012-11-09


Coincidentally, I have just finished installing it in 6 different LFS
versions running in 5 VM's guests and one host.

Remember "Warning

Untaring the libreoffice-core- tarball as root has the curious
effect of changing the ownership of the parent directory to a user with
numerical id 11012 and with the permissions set to allow read, write and
execute for that user only! If you untared as root in your home folder
you could end up unable to log in again :/ If you untared it in /usr you
would find your user account unable to access any file in /usr.

You can avoid this unpleasantness by not untaring it as root. If you
must untar it as root pass the option --no-overwrite-dir to tar. This is
the default when you untar as a user but has to be passed as an option
when untaring as root:"

You are building inside the /sources directory, and doing otherwise might
give you the cited problems. I avoid some problems , by having a
~/tmp/build directory an doing all builds there, instead of in /sources,
including deleting all files in /sources (have done this more than one


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