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Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Fri Nov 9 15:19:03 PST 2012

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> Data: Sexta-feira, 9 de Novembro de 2012, 19:51
> Armin K. wrote:
> > As someone said, GNOME isn't a desktop, it is a
> research project.
> LOL.
> > I wasn't using KDE till this year, but it seems that
> they are going and
> > still go in correct direction - listening to the users
> (at least up to
> > some point).
> >
> > And as I've read somewhere, GNOME 3.10 or 3.12 might
> actualy become
> > GNOME 4 and it will be used for GNOME OS - an operating
> system mostly
> > for touch devices.
> Perhaps we are a pivot point in the PC computing
> field.  All the touch 
> stuff in phones and tablets is the 'in' thing but, in my
> opinion, the 
> touch stuff is for someone who is only interested in reading
> email and 
> web pages or watching videos.

Add facebook and twiter addiction.

> The finger is a terrible
> input device. 
> It's slow and clumsy.  It looks cool, but it's very
> limited.

I have got a tablet just for mail and for monitoring the PC's work when I
am in bed watching TV. It is useful, but more than that, it is hateful.
Anything more elaborated, such as copy/paste or even selecting text, is
terrible to do, the characters are microscopic (I always remember Ken,
when my eyes get tired). I have lost many battles trying to do these

> On the other hand, the typical workstation does what most
> people want 
> for work: spreadsheets, composing emails, programming, etc
> as well as 
> everything else the phones and tablets do.  It really
> doesn't need a lot 
> of design changes.  The only real changes needed are
> incremental; at 
> least until we get to real artificial intelligence.

Or commercial quantum computing.


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