[blfs-support] xorg7.7 openbox xinitrc

alex lupu alupu01 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 14:52:42 PST 2012

>> He ment "the Blue Screen of Death".
>> There is a screensaver ... which simulates the effect.

> Yes, I used to run that when I had to run Windows at work.
> I got some very humorous reactions from those seeing it for the first time.

Just for the sake of completeness, I should also add there has been talk of
a _mythical_ "BSD=Black Screen of Death" found in old wives' tales like


but that is pure fiction invented and spread by malicious (and envious) M$ hacks
and fan-boys purporting that Linx users "undergo" at times the so-called
BSD (under certain - unspecified - circumstances) where the screen would
freeze (go black) and a user's alternatives would be to
 die (as Baho would put it and Widnow$ mercenaries would like us to do)
 switch the friggin' machine off and back on and then go through a lengthy,
annoying and unnecessary file systems check before fully up.

Obviously, no real Linux user will ever fall for this ugly canard.

Wishing one and all many rosy screens of happines (RSHs),
-- Alex

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