[blfs-support] Latest news in GNOME world

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 14:51:48 PST 2012

Armin K. wrote:

> As someone said, GNOME isn't a desktop, it is a research project.


> I wasn't using KDE till this year, but it seems that they are going and
> still go in correct direction - listening to the users (at least up to
> some point).
> And as I've read somewhere, GNOME 3.10 or 3.12 might actualy become
> GNOME 4 and it will be used for GNOME OS - an operating system mostly
> for touch devices.

Perhaps we are a pivot point in the PC computing field.  All the touch 
stuff in phones and tablets is the 'in' thing but, in my opinion, the 
touch stuff is for someone who is only interested in reading email and 
web pages or watching videos.  The finger is a terrible input device. 
It's slow and clumsy.  It looks cool, but it's very limited.

On the other hand, the typical workstation does what most people want 
for work: spreadsheets, composing emails, programming, etc as well as 
everything else the phones and tablets do.  It really doesn't need a lot 
of design changes.  The only real changes needed are incremental; at 
least until we get to real artificial intelligence.

   -- Bruce

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