[blfs-support] black screen and cursor after installing gdm in blfs

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Tue Nov 6 05:12:51 PST 2012

On 11/06/2012 12:25 PM, James Pinto wrote:
> Hi
> I will post the stuff u asked for when I reach home, Im at work now,
> But I was looking at the Xorg.0.log and I found this:-
> [    51.128] (==) Depth 24 pixmap format is 32 bpp
> [    51.128] (II) intel(0): [DRI2] Setup complete
> [    51.128] (II) intel(0): [DRI2]   DRI driver: i965
> Should'nt the above say  "DRI driver: i915" instead since I had
> installed the intel drivers for i1915
> [    50.989] (II) intel: Driver for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets:
> i810,
>      i810-dc100, i810e, i815, i830M, 845G, 854, 852GM/855GM, 865G, 915G,
>      E7221 (i915), 915GM, 945G, 945GM, 945GME, Pineview GM, Pineview G,
>      965G, G35, 965Q, 946GZ, 965GM, 965GME/GLE, G33, Q35, Q33, GM45,
>      4 Series, G45/G43, Q45/Q43, G41, B43, B43, Clarkdale, Arrandale,

There are 3 graphics drivers that "drive" your graphics hardware.

First one is i915 kernel driver also known as KMS (kernel mode setting) 
driver. It is low level driver that drives the hardware.

Second one is intel_drv.so (xf86-video-intel) 2D driver aka DDX (Device 
Dependent X) which is used for 2D drawing on Xorg Server.

Third one is 3D or DRI2 driver, and as the name says it is used for 
Direct Rendering.

For Intel cards, there are two DRI2 drivers available in Mesa stack: 
i915 for Intel 915 and earlier chipsets and i965 for Intel 965 series 
and later including HD3000 (SandyBridge) and HD4000 (IvyBridge).

> Is this why 3d hardware acceleration is a NO?
> I found the below in the _0-greeter.log GDM log:-
> gnome-session-is-accelerated: No hardware 3D support.

I am wondering why you get that, too. I suspect the incorrect hostname 
setup might cause that. I guess that LIBGL_DEBUG will tell us what are 
you doing wrong.

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