[blfs-support] fatal error: goo/gmem.h: No such file or, directory; but file does exist!!; cups-filters

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 07:39:10 PST 2012

Leon Goldman wrote:
> I may not be responding correctly so my responses don't end up in the
> correct thread -- if so, I apologize
>   > When you installed poppler, you should have created
>   > /usr/lib/pkgconfig/poppler.pc.  Check to see if that is present.
> Actually /usr/lib/pkgconfig/poppler.pc does exist. However, I am using a
> x86_64 system and have a /usr/lib64/pkgconfig also. When I built poppler
> and libqpdf I just used teh defaults. In /usr/lib64/pkgconfig there is a
> poppler.pc file which lists the version as 0.16. The poppler.pc in
> /usr/lib lists the version as 0.20.5.   Should I uninstall and recompile
> poppler and libqpdf with LIBDIR=/usr/lib64?
> Would the correct steps be to first do a make uninstall for poppler and
> libqpf, then remove the directories created when the tarball was
> extracted, re-extract the archive, then proceed with ./configure
> --LIBDIR=/usr/lib64  and then try to recompile cups-filters?

In LFS we said do do 'ln -sv lib /lib64 && ln -sv lib /usr/lib64'

All of LFS and BLFS assumes that.  The only reason to have separate lib 
directories is for the case when you have a 32-bit binary program that 
you can't build with 64-bit system.

See the discussion 'iii. LFS Target Architectures' in LFS.

   -- Bruce

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