[blfs-support] black screen and cursor after installing gdm in blfs

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 4 13:58:50 PST 2012

--- Em dom, 4/11/12, Bruce Dubbs:

> De: Bruce Dubbs 
> Assunto: Re: [blfs-support] black screen and cursor after installing gdm in blfs
> Para: "BLFS Support List"
> Data: Domingo, 4 de Novembro de 2012, 17:06
> James Pinto wrote:

> > But this time however when I booted using runlevel 3
> and ran startx Gnome
> > shell worked!
> >
> > Now I just cant get the gdm greeter screen to login,
> only the gnome
> > wallpaper, I checked the gdm logs they've not been
> modified But I have
> > atttached the new xorg log file annd also the link to
> it incase the attach
> > doesnt work
> I think you are making some progress since gnome worked, but
> I really 
> can't help any more.  I personally don't have much use
> for any ?dm boot 
> system, so I don't have any experience with it.  I have
> the same opinion 
> about 'Themes' and a graphical screen for grub.  It's
> all eye candy for 
> items that are on the screen for a few seconds, not minutes
> or more.
> That said, I can understand wanting to set up something like
> that for a 
> novice user.  Hopefully someone else on the list can
> give you more help.

I have been converted to this way of thinking, not only for LFS/BLFS, but Arch, Sabayon and Gentoo also have had problems with ?DM.

When I installed LXDM, I usually had problems to get it running.

Most times, the above problems came from something wrong with Linux Pam.

Perhaps the best way would be start gnome from .xinitrc and/or .bash-profile?

In .xinitrc:
eval $(dbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session)
exec env LANG=pt_BR.utf8 startlxde (replace startlxde qith the equivalent for gnome)

In .bash_profile:
if [[ -z $DISPLAY ]] && ! [[ -e /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 ]] && (( EUID )); then
  while true; do
    read -p 'Do you want to start X? (y/n): '
    case $REPLY in
      [Yy]) xinit ~/.xinitrc &> ~/.x-session-errors ;;
      [Nn]) break ;;
      *) printf '%s\n' 'Please answer y or n.' ;;

I have taken this from an old post in ArchWiki.


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