[blfs-support] black screen and cursor after installing gdm in blfs

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 12:06:36 PST 2012

James Pinto wrote:

> Ok tried the suggestions I uninstalled gdm reinstalled the caribou
> dependencies, then reinstalled caribou and then booted into blfs but I get
> the same oops error.

Generally 'oops' is a term for a kernel crash.  I suspect you are not 
using the term in that sense.

> But this time however when I booted using runlevel 3 and ran startx Gnome
> shell worked!
> Now I just cant get the gdm greeter screen to login, only the gnome
> wallpaper, I checked the gdm logs they've not been modified But I have
> atttached the new xorg log file annd also the link to it incase the attach
> doesnt work

I think you are making some progress since gnome worked, but I really 
can't help any more.  I personally don't have much use for any ?dm boot 
system, so I don't have any experience with it.  I have the same opinion 
about 'Themes' and a graphical screen for grub.  It's all eye candy for 
items that are on the screen for a few seconds, not minutes or more.

That said, I can understand wanting to set up something like that for a 
novice user.  Hopefully someone else on the list can give you more help.

   -- Bruce

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