[blfs-support] Mesalib patches

Jim Michmerhuizen jamzen at michmer.net
Sat Nov 3 17:56:49 PDT 2012

I'm building Mesalib according to the 2012-09-28 BLFS book.

But the required patchfile isn't up there for downloading.  Instead, 
there's a patchfile evidently keyed to version 9 rather than 8.0.4.

I should
	a) update my BLFS book, and start over with Mesalib, or
	b) continue with v8.0.4, ignoring the required patchfile, or
	c) something else.

What's the right thing to do?

P.S. The 7.2 LFS is working fine since I finished it about a month ago.

             Jim Michmerhuizen        http://michmer.net
"Actions speak louder than words ... but not as clearly"

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