[blfs-support] GParted

mario st-gelais mario.stg at videotron.ca
Fri Nov 2 22:10:10 PDT 2012

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Mario St-Gelais wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Gparted has two optional dependencies; gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10 and Rarian-0.8.1, which I did not install.  Maybe the book should have a --disable-doc in the ./configure command.  It took me some time to figure out which switch to use so that the configure script works without the optional dependencies.
>> Or maybe the principle of the book is to let the user discover it by himself.
> It's sometimes hard to check if the optional dependencies are already
> installed the system used for testing.  We often need to rely on reports
> like yours to resolve this type of things.
> I would actually recommend gptfdisk instead of gparted.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/gptfdisk/
> The user syntax is a lot easier.  We need to add that to the book.
>     -- Bruce
Ok, I installed gptfdisk as you suggested.  Had to install ICU and popt 
both from BLFS book.  Other dependencies were already installed 
(libuuid, ncurses).  Let see if I can use this now.


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