[blfs-support] GParted

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 18:47:47 PDT 2012

Mario St-Gelais wrote:
> Hi all.
> Gparted has two optional dependencies; gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10 and Rarian-0.8.1, which I did not install.  Maybe the book should have a --disable-doc in the ./configure command.  It took me some time to figure out which switch to use so that the configure script works without the optional dependencies.
> Or maybe the principle of the book is to let the user discover it by himself.

It's sometimes hard to check if the optional dependencies are already 
installed the system used for testing.  We often need to rely on reports 
like yours to resolve this type of things.

I would actually recommend gptfdisk instead of gparted. 

The user syntax is a lot easier.  We need to add that to the book.

   -- Bruce

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