[blfs-support] System Still Will Not Mount Non-LFS Disks

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Thu Nov 1 07:08:57 PDT 2012

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> On 10/31/2012 8:08 PM, Alan
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I have completely trimmed your post, as I want to give some general ideas
as how I would proceed in a situation as yours and some more ideas. I know
others will help you in detail.

First, I would check fstab in Debian and Fedora, in learn how they
self-mount, in order to mimic them.

I believe that your Fedora and Debian are runnable, so the next suggestions
are just in case.

I have transformed some old machines fs from ext3 to ext4, I am not saying
you should do so, but I have learned much from these experiences. One of
many methods used is described in a page entitled "Cloning Fedora 11 to a
new hard disk - FedoraForum.org", at


I used it not for Fedora, but for other distributions ("distros").

The OS running to do that usually was SystemRescueCD or PMagic. The former
is very good, as it automatically loads the SystemRescueCD Manual, when
the browser is started, but any Live CD would serve, just searched the
manual in the internet.

There, you can find tips on how to mount different filesystems, including
some lvm tips and also how to chroot (little differente from LFS, which I
prefer, but also worked well, when I had to grub-install in a HD.

Good luck.


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