[blfs-support] No hamsters in the book's version of gnome-3

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 28 15:58:33 PST 2012

 For those who don't follow BLFS-dev and intend to use gnome-3, this
is a heads-up that hamster-applet is NOT in the book.

 The first reason is that the version in Wayne's book *does* build,
but it is a development release (gnome applets apparently didn't
have a migration path from -2 to -3, and development stopped).  BLFS
has always used development versions only when necessary - the
current pango (ISTR) is development, and I happily use the
development series of icewm, but it makes me ask questions.

 Having looked at this package, which is all python, there are three
programs installed, or you can, apparently run it without installing
(NB - if that is out of date, it's not the only gnome package where
the documentation severely lags behind).  As a "build from source,
and only what is needed" guy, I loathe trying to get Python stuff to
work - 99% of perl modules tell you what you ought to have installed
while creating the Makefile, python modules only ever tell you the
first module they don't find at runtime. So

(a) uninstalled, [ cd src ; ./hamster-applet -w ] tells me it needs
(at least) the gnomeapplet module, which was one of the gnome-2
modules we got rid of.

(b) hamster-cli needs (at least) pk-gtk.

(c) hamster-service needs (at least) pysqlite3.

(d) hamster-time-tracker needs (at least) the gconf module.

 If someone can make this work (and the dependencies to get the
modules and their dependencies aren't onerous - I suspect that is a
big 'if'), and list which modules / deps, and where to download them
(e.g. pysqlite3 didn't show up in my searching), then this package is
out of the book.

 It looks as if development of 'hamster-applet' (in quotes because
applets no longer exist in gnome-3), or at least ideas, resumed
earlier this month.  Probably too late for gnome-3.4, but perhaps it
will come back to life in the future.

das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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