[blfs-support] Read ntfs file system

spiky martynvidler at aol.com
Mon Feb 27 14:23:17 PST 2012

On 27/02/12 22:13, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 04:58:53PM +0000, spiky wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have stared another Blfs 7.0 build and I,m having trouble with NTFS
>> file system, I have built the 3.3 kernel marking all ntfs boxes. The
>> build for blfs doesn't have anything installed except ssl, ssh a few
>> graphics libraries. What  do I need to add to be able to read ntfs, My
>> other blfs system reads ntfs but I have installed alot of other
>> software, so maybe it was something that I had already installed, my
>> other blfs uses 3.2 kernel FYI
>> Thks.
>   Note that 3.3 is still an -rc, so it's possible that there is
> something broken in the version you built.  If so, you could use
> 'git bisect' to find which commit broke it.  Fun, or not,
> depending partly on your definition of fun, and partly on whose
> commit turns out to be the problem.
>   But first: you imply this is the only kernel on this system ?
> Build 3.2.latest using your earlier 3.2 config (if you have one for
> this machine).  If *that* fails, and you know the config was good,
> go back to whichever previous 3.2 version worked.  If the config
> turns out to be bad, rinse and repeat.  You then have a known-good
> version.  Actually, if you intend to bisect, you need to go back to
> 3.2 itself because the 3.2.x stable releases aren't ancestors of 3.3.
>   After that, try the latest 3.3 tree - either the latest -rc, or
> linus's latest tree.  Make sure you take your known good config,
> copy it to .config, make oldconfig, then see if it works.  If it
> does, all is good - either you had a config error, or someone else
> has already fixed the problem.
>   If it still doesn't work, and you are willing to bisect, you then
> need to install git, get the kernel sources, and run git bisect.
> After several, or many, rebuilds you will have a commit to blame.
> You can then try reverting just that commit - sometimes, that proves
> the problem is there, other times it doesn't compile/run,
> occasionally it still doesn't work (i.e. a mistake in bisection - if
> so, repeat).  Then you need to report the problem to lkml (CC
> whoever wrote the commit), and wait to be flamed, or offered
> suggestions, or asked for further information.  Flames usually
> relate to asking about tainted kernels (proprietary modules, or
> perhaps vmware).
>   Alternatively, you could hope the problem (if it still exists) will
> get fixed before the 3.3 release.  Personally, I suspect your
> .config is missing something (probably unrelated to ntfs),
> ĸen
I will try the 3.2 kernel tomorrow I still have the blfs built with it 
so I know the kernel works (on a different machine ) but will build on 
this 1 let you know how it gose.

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