[blfs-support] Read ntfs file system

spiky martynvidler at aol.com
Mon Feb 27 12:59:30 PST 2012

On 27/02/12 20:43, Andrew Benton wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Feb 2012 16:58:53 +0000
> spiky<martynvidler at aol.com>  wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have stared another Blfs 7.0 build and I,m having trouble with NTFS
>> file system, I have built the 3.3 kernel marking all ntfs boxes. The
>> build for blfs doesn't have anything installed except ssl, ssh a few
>> graphics libraries. What  do I need to add to be able to read ntfs, My
>> other blfs system reads ntfs but I have installed alot of other
>> software, so maybe it was something that I had already installed, my
>> other blfs uses 3.2 kernel FYI
> To be able to mount an ntfs partition read only requires compiling the
> kernel with ntfs support. I think you also need to compile in NLS,
> support for the locale that the filesystem is in. You don't need to
> install any other software, it's all about the kernel config.
> Andy

Here is the config file

# DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems

So i,m not sure why the same usb drive wont mount on my new blfs but 
will on other 1

Output of mount -v /dev/sdb
i will try ntfs
mount unkown filesystem type ntfs

mount -v -t ntfs
just gives mount unkown filesystem type ntfs

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