[blfs-support] Soprano-2.7.4 can't use redland storage backend

Michael Uleysky uleysky at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 20:56:28 PST 2012

It was a bug in glibc

2012/2/21, Michael Uleysky <uleysky at gmail.com>:
> Then I try to compile new soprano-2.7.4, I get these lines from cmake:
> -- Found Redland storage: /usr/lib64/redland/librdf_storage_sqlite.so
> -- Args: /usr/lib64/redland/librdf_storage_sqlite.so
> -- Segmentation fault
> -- Redland with broken NEEDED section detected, disabling
> -- Could NOT find Redland  (missing:  _REDLAND_VERSION_OK)
> And as result:
> -- Soprano Components that will NOT be built:
>    * Redland storage backend (missing librdf/redland - http://librdf.org)
> I have redland-1.0.15 installed. As I understand the problem is a
> segmentation fault then test program call dlopen on
> /usr/lib64/redland/librdf_storage_sqlite.so. But I don't understand
> how to solve this problem.

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