[blfs-support] pcre-8.30

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Thu Feb 16 10:14:24 PST 2012

Em 15-02-2012 08:04, Andrew Benton escreveu:
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:28:34 -0800 (PST)
> Fernando de Oliveira <famobr at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
>> It took a while to answer you, because there were localization issues.
>> Last and annoying one was the keyboard layout indicator on lxpanel  
>> which was displaying US, instead of BR as default. I was going to 
>> write this, and suddenly it switched to the right one without my
>> intervention.
>> Hoping to some env variables could be used when calling X, I have adapted a little your instructions:
>>         user=fernando
>>         su - ${user} -l -c "env LANG=pt_BR.utf8 xinit ~/.xinitrc &> ~/.x-session-errors"
> That looks fine, but for what it's worth, I set environment variables
> like LANG in /etc/profile and then source /etc/profile from
> ~/.bash_profile. Now that I think back, I seem to recall that I first
> did this so that lxpanel would show the date correctly (it was showing
> it in the American style). I like lxpanel. It's not perfect but it's
> good enough and it only has 2 dependencies.
>> If you tell me that for some reason I should do /etc/X11/xinitrc
>> instead of ~/.xinitrc, I will change immeadiately.
> It's fine, ~/.xinitrc is the default for xinit so you don't need to
> specify it. I just put the file somewhere else so that other users get
> the same desktop. Also I can try other things in ~/.xinitrc and then
> run xinit from the login prompt for testing.
> Andy
Thank you very much again, Andy.

I would like to apologize for asking yet two further questions, before I turn my attention to the forking bomb.

Using your instructions/suggestions, the machine starts without a login prompt, but I would like otherwise. How can this be changed? Are there new security issues if .bash_profile executes xinitrc or startx?

The second question is not a priority. Lxpanel starts displaying the wrong keyboard layout (I mentioned above not knowing how the right one appeared). It is sufficient to open a terminal in X and hit "Enter" for lxpanel keyboard selector switch to the right layout, but starting, for example, firefox, does not do the trick. Any ideas?

Just for the record, I write what follows.

I spent almost two days trying to figure out why lxpanel on LFS6.5 was not showing menus, blaming myself for some mistake when switching off the use of LXDM. Some instants ago, after reinstalling lxmenu-data-0.1.2, menus are working again.


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