[blfs-support] Compiling KDE4 some comments

wim meest wim.meest at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 11:13:39 PST 2012

Alright my first message if I have the wrong list, I'm sorry and I'm a
really big fan of LFS (for years) keep up the good work.

on page:

several packages configured by python have the commandline
python ./configure
it must be:
python configure.py
the web site doesn't work anymore:
I downloaded it from:

Compile it python ./configure
doesn't work for me (script uses qtmake form qt3), I did this:
python configure.py -q /usr/local/qt4/bin/qmake
(could be my problem all my dirs are a bit screwed compared to FHS).

anyway thanks for making LFS, lot's of work but I love it :-).

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