[blfs-support] make shadow fails after installation of Linux-PAM

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Feb 5 00:14:16 PST 2012

On 02/04/2012 07:43 AM, Ronnie van Aarle wrote:
> $ if [ -L /lib/libpam.so ]; then
>     for LINK in libpam{,c,_misc}.so; do
>         ln -v -sf ../../lib/$(readlink /lib/${LINK}) /usr/lib/${LINK} &&
>         rm -v /lib/${LINK}
>     done
> fi
> I do have my doubts on this last if-statement for-loop, because I don't
> realy think it does what it is supposed to do. In my situation, I am
> building shadow from
> /sources/security/shadow-4.1.3/
> So ../../lib does not exist. I suppose that I can just drop the ../../
> because I think the /lib/libpam{,c,_misc}.so are the files that are
> required. While I'm writing this email I just decided that that is also
> the next thing I want to try, however, I would realy appreciate some
> confirmation from someone who has more skills and routine in bash than I do.

Glad you got it fixed, but I thought I'd point out the misunderstanding 
above as well. When using relative links, they are relative to the link 
target, not the current directory (a very common misconception). IOW: 
/usr/lib/../../lib, not /sources/lib. The difference between ../../lib 
and /lib in the link becomes very important if you were to mount that 
partition elsewhere.


-- DJ Lucas

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