[blfs-support] Questions on (b)lfs-bootscripts-20120127

alupu at verizon.net alupu at verizon.net
Sat Feb 4 17:27:10 PST 2012

 >> Alex:>> 4. How is the 'setclock' script run on "stop" (reboot, poweroff, etc.)?
>> There used to be a 'K46setclock' in 'rc6.d' (i.e. level 6):
>> "Setting hardware clock..."
>> hwclock --systohc ...

> Bruce:
> Yes, I remember that. It should have been in an old version of the LFS
> Makefile for the boot scripts, but I went back 8 years and couldn't find it.

So the bottom line is 'setclock' no longer stops nowadays,
i.e., we'll forever miss the thrill of seeing 
the current script code section,

"Setting hardware clock..."
 hwclock --systohc ...

in action.

-- Alex

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