[blfs-support] KDE 4.6.0

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 15:19:50 PST 2012

Eduardo Batalha wrote:
> Hi,
> Just a small note to say that I've managed to get KDE4 working on top of 
> LFS7.0 . 
> I mainly used the instructions from BLFS, installing the packages for KDE 
> 4.6.0 as per the book's instructions. 
> I had some problems, the main one being that dbus is only shown as an optional  
> dependendy for QT4 and it really needs to be installed before you compile QT4 
> if you want to install KDE4 too. I ended up compiling QT4 twice. 
>>From memory, I also had to give up on gstreamer but so far the xine backend 
> has been able to play all my files, so I cannot really complain much.
> I had other problems but unfortunately did not write them down as I went 
> along, or how I solved them, as I was did not foresee that I would actually 
> end up with a fully functioning desktop. (
> Anyway, KDE 4.6.0 is not really the latest version of KDE so I plan to do it 
> again, in which case I'll share my experiences on the maillist. 
> I'm just not sure yet if I'll go for KDE 4.7.4 or for the very recent 4.8.0.

Thanks for the update.  I'll try to get KDE4 updated in the book this month.

   -- Bruce

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