qt4 and 64-bit linux builds

lI lux-integ at btconnect.com
Sat Jun 26 04:40:40 PDT 2010


I  use  a  computer with the following features:
cpu -amd64(2 cores)
os-prog: cblfs-linux 64bit only GCC4.4.2 (kernel2.6.34), qt-

I had a look at the  directory containing the makespecs (for qt-4.....6.2)  
and noticed  that for 64 bit builds  
it is a multilib setup  (~/lib and l~/lib64).  I only have ~/lib 

----A)  is there a makespec for pure 64-bit linux builds?
----B)  if A is  positive could   someone tell   how to fetch it and use it  
----C)  if A is  negative is it  possible to merge 
~mkspecs/common/{linux.conf&g++.conf} into a ~/~/pure64-linux.conf and would 
the same qplatformdefs.h be sufficient?
----D) if C is positive   how does one invoke qmake to use the new ~/~/pure64-
linux.conf   spec?


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