MySQL and "More Control/Package Users" Package Mgmt

DJ Lucas dj at
Fri Jun 25 21:15:38 PDT 2010

On 06/24/2010 01:33 AM, Timothy Rice wrote:
>> True, considering the for statement just walks through the entire
>> directory
>> anyhow.
>> ...
>> Maybe there's another reason for walking through the directory, other than
>> just taking the opportunity to catch any other missed dir entries?
> It occurred to me that maybe once mysql is installed, info can then use
> mysql to, say, manage a database of entries, or something. Pure
> conjecture, but if true, it could explain why dir would need to be
> rebuilt. However, nothing I've noticed in any documentation for either
> mysql or info suggests that this is actually true.
> Now, if nothing like that is really going on, then may I submit to the
> BLFS editors that the suggested install commands for mysql be streamlined
> and simplified? If the walk through the entire directory is just to pick
> up any info files that have been missed to date, then I don't think that
> should be part of the mysql install. It would be more appropriate to put
> such tidying up in a module of its own.

I suspect that there were more info files at one time (best guess).  The
only installed file is with 5.1.47.  install-info should work
fine without deleting the dir file.  Not sure about MCPM as I don't use
it, but I'd suspect that you'd want to update the info dir as the root
user anyway so that it is not incorrectly owned by the package user for

-- DJ Lucas

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