MySQL and "More Control/Package Users" Package Mgmt

Timothy Rice t.rice at
Wed Jun 23 23:33:17 PDT 2010

> True, considering the for statement just walks through the entire
> directory
> anyhow.
> ...
> Maybe there's another reason for walking through the directory, other than
> just taking the opportunity to catch any other missed dir entries?

It occurred to me that maybe once mysql is installed, info can then use
mysql to, say, manage a database of entries, or something. Pure
conjecture, but if true, it could explain why dir would need to be
rebuilt. However, nothing I've noticed in any documentation for either
mysql or info suggests that this is actually true.

Now, if nothing like that is really going on, then may I submit to the
BLFS editors that the suggested install commands for mysql be streamlined
and simplified? If the walk through the entire directory is just to pick
up any info files that have been missed to date, then I don't think that
should be part of the mysql install. It would be more appropriate to put
such tidying up in a module of its own.

Well, thanks for your time, Trent, and everyone.



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