MySQL and "More Control/Package Users" Package Mgmt

Timothy Rice t.rice at
Wed Jun 23 20:32:41 PDT 2010

Hi Trent,

> my understanding is that the dir file is
> a table of contents for the info program.
> ...
> If you skip this step I believe that you'll
> just be missing an entry for mysql on the
> default info page, but should still be able
> to issue 'info mysql'
> ...
> I'm pretty sure that mysql only gets dumped
> into one folder, and that is the folder you
> should rebuild the dir file in.

That is what I thought 'dir' was for, and I guessed that that is what
install-info did. However, it does not make sense to me that the previous
dir needs to be deleted first, before redoing install-info for all the
packages already installed.

Assuming the mysql package user does have write permissions to `dir', why
is it not sufficient to simply run a command such as the following?:
install-info dir 2>/dev/null

I do not recall any other package needing to "rm -v dir" first.



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